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UltraWater Purifier

UltraWater Purifier
“Feel Safe With Your Family”

Power Technology
• Keeps your wter clean and pure using a 4 stage Water Filtration Process, including a UV Light Filtration to kill virus and bacteria
• Kills “99.9999% of Bacteria” – Dr. Mark Barlett

4 Stage Water Filtration Process
1. Polypropylene Pleated Prefiltration
• Removes large particles such as dust and sediment
2. Compressed Activated Carbon Block
• Removes organic contaminants, chemical, chlorine and lead that are silently weakening your immune system
• Removes foul smell in water
3. PolyetherSulfone Membrane
• Removes microbiological contaminants such as virus and bacteria
4. Cold Cathode Lamp UV Light
• Reduces cysts, virus and bacteria

Cost-Effective Investment
• Saves your money in the long run compared to other clean water source alternatives
• Each 3-in-1 Cartridge has a 5,200 L water capacity equivalent to:
– 274 x 5 Gallon Water Containers (worth P 71,240)
– 10,400 x 500 ml Purified Water Bottles (worth P 124,800)

UltraWater Purifier Meets FIG Wellness’ 5 Criteria
• Highly Effective
• Safe
• Professionally Recommended
• Research Proven
• Government Approved

Weight 70000 g
Dimensions 120 × 85 × 75 in


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